Heart for Him Annual Spring Luncheon

Benefiting Grace Centers of Hope – May 6, 2018

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Every year the annual Heart for Him Ministries Spring Luncheon Fundraiser, raises a lot of money for Grace Centers of Hope. It is a tradition that is eagerly anticipated and is for a worthy purpose, The Homeless Children’s Program.

Grace Centers of Hope is a committed community of believers, reaching out to individuals whose lives have been damaged by addictions and self-destructive behavior. Their recovery programs lead these individuals to reconciliation and restoration with God, their families, their community, and themselves. Grace Centers of Hope teaches, trains, and mentors their residents. They hope to provide hope, jobs, and stability for each of their residents for many years to come.

Through the generosity of those who partner with us, and those who attend the tea, we hope to raise $20,000.00 this year.

None of the money from the ticket price goes to Grace Center of Hope (this only covers the cost of putting on the event).  The proceeds which come from the love offering, our raffle, and partners, is how we meet our goal.

We welcome you to be apart of this special event, filled with pleasure and purpose. Thank you in advance for your consideration, help, and your financial contributions.

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