Garbage In, Garbage Out

There is a fable of a hungry ass put between two bundles of hay. It looked at the one, then at the other, and could not decide which one to eat first, till it died of starvation. How foolish you might say? Just about as foolish as being doubled minded and indecisive in your ways; always caught between two opinions, until you die trying to decide, unable to make up your mind. What a frustrating position to be in. One … Read More

The Faith of One Woman

Today I’m reminded of a genuine ‘Cinderella’ story. A story that when trouble strikes, ‘Cinderella’ is restored, through God, by random kindness and support, where a mustard seed of faith begins to grow. The story begins with a man Joshua, who is commissioned by God, after the death of Moses, to possess the land of promise. History records the event in the Holy Scriptures; in the book of Joshua, the second chapter. In this historical journey, Joshua sends out two … Read More

Accentuate the Positive

Genesis 44:1, 2: “And he commanded the steward of his house, saying fill the men’s sacks with grain, as much as they can carry, and put each in the mouth of his sack. Also, put my cup, the silver in the mouth of the sack”. Inside each of us lies a storehouse of potential, an inherent ability and capacity for growth and development. God will take ordinary people, doing ordinary jobs, and use them to make an extraordinary difference.  I … Read More

The Profound Longing

Throughout the world there is a profound longing in the hearts of God’s people to know their purpose for life. There’s an inquisitiveness to discover something specific to fulfill their destiny. In particular, you may sense a longing or personal leading in your own heart. That is the Holy Spirit guiding you and calling you closer to the revelation of  His will for  your life. God has already laid out a plan for you to follow in His Word. Your … Read More

The Gift

“What do you want for Christmas?” That is a question that is commonly asked. Surely there’s some supersonic something out there that you just ‘have to have’ or maybe it’s something warm and cuddly that’s your pleasure? Perchance the new arrivals, that dazzle with shimmer and shine will ravish your delight until you shout out with glee, “my, isn’t that me”!  How swiftly they can be marked ‘high priority’ and placed at the top of your list of ‘must have … Read More

The Wise Are Ready

There’s something to be said about preparedness and individual readiness so as not to be caught by surprise. Better management of our time, and more attention given to proper planning would yield great dividends.  It’s been said, “The greatest possession you have, is the 24 hours directly in front of you.”  How then, do we make full use of our most prized possession?  Wouldn’t it be wise to say ‘yes’ to planning and ‘yes’ to responsibility? Everything that our Lord … Read More