Sweet Aroma

A comment was made the other day that “life stinks”. This isn’t a new expression, but surely a sad one. That ones life described by fragrance would make such a strong statement. Let’s get real hear for a moment… life, even the Christian life isn’t always a bed of roses. How do we counteract the stench around us? Allow the fragrance of the Lord’s anointing to permeate the difficult things in your life. Let the Lord use the difficult places, … Read More

Praying Always

by Charles H. Spurgen “Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer.” Psalm 66:20 In looking back upon the character of our prayers, if we do it honestly, we shall be filled with wonder that God has ever answered them. There may be some who think their prayers worthy of acceptance-as the Pharisee did; but to the true Christian, in a more enlightened retrospect, weeps over his prayers, and if he could retrace his steps he would desire … Read More