The Profound Longing

Throughout the world there is a profound longing in the hearts of God’s people to know their purpose for life. There’s an inquisitiveness to discover something specific to fulfill their destiny. In particular, you may sense a longing or personal leading in your own heart. That is the Holy Spirit guiding you and calling you closer to the revelation of  His will for  your life. God has already laid out a plan for you to follow in His Word. Your … Read More

Changing Seasons

Change is an inevitable part of life. Seasons come and go; there is an ebb and flow; whether you’re willing or not to go. Times may be merry with strength so extraordinary. Or times may get tough and life becomes rough. One thing’s for sure seasonal changes will occur; what’s not yours today, comes on the morrow; losses and gains are apart of the change. The widow whose oil was multiplied (II Kings 4: 1-7) appears early in the story … Read More

Victory Through Consecration

Another winter is past and there’s an outburst of song in the newness of spring. With the rebirth of springtime in splendid attire, the blooms are adorned with colors in a flamboyant parade. Air is the sweetly scented  companion to the rain, washing everything clean. All in preparation for the concert the birds in celebration sing. It is wonderful how beautifully we can sing when we have triumphed over the enemy. Those taken out of harms way are no longer … Read More