Let It Rain

I hear a sound, and it’s the sound of rain. A distinct rumble heard in the heavens. The atmosphere has changed. Within my soul, there’s a sound ringing. A resonance within the mist. The assuring promise of God. His people have prevailed in prayer. I hear a sound, and it’s the sound of rain. Abundance of rain…the forecast has changed!

In spite of the rising tide of fear with the present economic forecast,  we must remain faithful to God and expect great things from Him; knowing that His name will be glorified, in and through our lives. Dreary news is merely an attempt to overshadow the whole nation with dismal gloom of defeat. We must ‘hold our peace’ and ‘stand in faith’ believing that miracles are an everyday occurrence to the one who lives by faith in the Son of God. These are the days in which promises are fulfilled!

Intercessory prayer is a powerful weapon God. And the weapons of God’s children are not carnal, but spiritual. They are the gifts of God, and always come in supernatural ways; the natural man will not receive from God.

Spiritual blindness will always lead to fear, despair and defeat. So what do we do? Do we surrender to the evil forces around us? Do we allow ourselves to become incarcerated by the power of this world, fighting in our own strength? Surely this would be to our demise. No, we must prevail in prayer!

In I Kings 18:1-46  we read that Elijah was a great prayer warrior and astonishing miracles were accomplished through him. He was a man with the same passions as you and I, yet he was invited to know God. He walked up to the altar and prayed a simple prayer; no fuss, and no excitement, just a prayer of a faithful servant.

When God told him to shut in, and shut up, he did just that and was refreshed in the miraculous. The water brook quenched his thirst and the ravens fed him each morning and night.

The true miracle in Elijah’s life was his incredibly personal relationship with God. He was totally devoted in his position of faith and completely yielded to God as a conduit. As a result his words would speak to the lost, and the power of God would be manifested. This force of prayer, became his secret weapon: oneness in fellowship with God.

Elijah’s holy boldness resulted from praying in the secret place to God. Because of this, he was rewarded openly, and astounding miracles of God were accomplished through him.

This same relationship is offered to us. Will you shut in, and shut up to be refreshed in the miraculous? Will you spread your hands of faith to the dwelling  place  of God  and declare a prayer and maintain your cause? “The one who comes to me I will by no means cast out” (John 6. 37). 

Elijah’s soul was ringing with God’s promise that where there was drought, God would “send rain” (1 Kings 18. 1). Having this promise, Elijah was relentless in prayer. He was apprehended by his faith humbly bowing in prayer. When you’re on your face confessing, know that showers of blessing are at hand! When given a word rely upon it, build upon it, declare it, and look to see heaven meet the need.

Elijah, six times, sent his servant looking for rain and nothing could be seen. Elijah said,  “Go again, look and see,” …and the seventh time the servant went to see, he saw “a cloud, as small as a man’s hand, rising out of the sea…and there was heavy rain!” (V 44, 45)

Today, I hear a sound, it’s the sound of rain; the people of God are on their faces confessing across this nation. Surely, showers of blessing are at hand! The heavens will soon be opened to pour out a soaking flood of treasures upon thirsty souls. “I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods upon dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, and my blessing on your offspring” (Isaiah 44. 3).

We walk by faith and not by sight, although you may not see, do not be discouraged…go again…pray again…dare to believe again…renew your faith again…look to Him again! Do not be general in your prayers, pray, and pray expectantly! Then confidently look up, look again, to see your forecast has changed. Soak in the heavy rain!

It’s more than time to tell Satan to ‘get thee behind!’ It’s time to declare into the air; The promise of God prevailed through prayer. Your future is secure by the power of His Word It’s time to realign… so look again my friend, look again!