It’s no secret that I enjoy women and appreciate their persona. I love the bond of sisterhood because it is unlike any other. It is true there’s the similarity of femaleness in sisterhood, but it is so much more than that. Sisterhood is the blend of the love and friendship we share, rolled into one.

A number of my most special memories have been with my sisters. I have been blessed with two biological sisters and they are extraordinary! My recollections growing up are filled with treasured memories. I remember telling stories to each other, playing together with dolls, flying down the stairs to answer the telephone, curling our hair, posing in mirrors, performing songs and singing into hairbrushes. We’ve shared secrets, dolls and dates. Then there’s the bond of genetics that makes it so much more fun to say, “You look just like mom when you say that!”

There are also times my sisters have come to my rescue, when I didn’t have the strength to liberate myself. They have been wonderful friends and confidants. We share a sense of sameness that is unique and so cherished; a nearness that is like a photograph held in reserve within my heart. My sisters, Barbara Lynn and Carol Ann, have enriched my life beyond the capacity of measurement and in so many ways.

God has created a bond of spiritual sisterhood too, that is unlike all other unions, whereby we can learn qualities and receive perspectives that we do not naturally possess. Spiritual sisterhood comes through a redemptive work of grace. God’s grace cannot be earned or bargained for. It is a gift and a benefit of His great love for His people. From a natural or human perspective, this divine grace is the power of this special union, ‘spiritual sisterhood.’ As your spiritual sister I will want my influence in your life to be both positive and productive; to “love you all the time and help you in the time of trouble” (Proverbs 17:17).

Seeing that spiritual sisterhood is a covenant relationship, there may be times that your sister will look into your eyes and say what needs to be said. She may be tough all right, but your sister will call you to “a life worthy of your calling” (Ephesians 4:1). A sister may makes demands upon your life, but they are ones that are inspired by love; ones settling only on what’s best for you. That’s what sisters do–what’s right for you! Your sister could never be everything you want her to be all the time. It’s unfeasible to have solidity in a relationship without learning to accept human failing. Instead of dwelling on your sisters shortcomings, focus on her strengths- ‘ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE’ as the old song goes. The blessing of true sisterhood is that it affords that comfy safe place in which to learn from one another, while at the same time liberating one another to fulfill her destiny in style, grace and with buoyancy!

Surely you will giggle and cry together, and sometimes your feelings might get hurt. But, you’re sisters by design, connected to the core. Your love for each other flows from the heavenly Father above through spiritual revelation. His unconditional love comes with a free manufacturer’s guarantee. So dear sisters, you must know that you are loved; that you’re ‘awesome and wonderfully made’ (Psalm 139:14). Your mix is just the right fit; you’re fashioned with flair, panache, perfection and overflowing with His loving expression.