Love’s Invitation

The voice of my beloved! behold, he cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills – Song of Solomon 2:8

“The voice of my Beloved” is matchless and full of desire. His voice is a voice of love; a love that is infinite and true. His voice reflects the graciousness of His heart and is engaging and endearing.  His voice, fiery and passionate, arouses every fiber of my being. His voice resonates within the chambers of my heart. I am enraptured by His voice, there’s no mistaking it; so sweet, so surpassingly delightful. He calls to me,  “Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.”

The invitation is made known, the occasion close to your heart. He has come that He might take you to himself. Do you hear Him? He speaks with tears of love on His cheeks. “Arise my love, from winter’s sleep; I’ve come to take you to the summer land of Grace. Awake from your winter’s past.”

“Come away.” Away from all that troubles or interferes, into His ways, gracefully walk thru with the Lord. Go beyond winters of the soul, abandon all other lovers. They may warm, but do not satisfy. Their love is superficial, and upon them you cannot rely. They offer no hope and are noxious when let in. Awake and forsake, it is springtime of the soul. When the Son shines His warm reviving beams, buds of blessing will flower in the meadows of His love.

He calls to you, “My love, my fair one.” Do you hear Him, the voice of your true love? “Arise, my love”. You’re named “My love,” how precious you are, how tenderly he calls. He loves you with an everlasting love, a flame of love. It is not a love that can be extinguished, the flame of the Lord will never go out.  The strength of this love is in the strength of the lover. Don’t keep Him waiting, leave the place of darkness, and exchange your losses. You are His joy and His delight; He has called you to be His wife.

He calls you, “My fair one.” You are positively lovely and fair, there is no spot in thee. The deformity of sin surrendered becomes loves dearest resolve. Is there any wonder, any marvel to the depth of His love? Exchange your losses, your burdens and blight, for it is within your eyes He longs to see His light.

“And come away,” the proposal comes rhythmically with sweet melody. It’s the dawning of a new day; there’s no need to be afraid. The wooing from above is the ointment of pure love; poured forth in word, and is stained in blood. He bids you to, “Come away,” and leave winter’s past sadness, into summer’s glorious new life. Come out of condemnation, step from death into the garden of great delight. “Come to me,” and come away from all your labors, and come away to strength and beauty. Come away, and pick fragrant flowers of promise in the fields where burdens are made light.

“Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.” Reveal your lovely face; let Him see your head lifted high above in the security of His love. Come away to the secret place, the pavilion of power and privilege.

“Let me hear your voice, your voice is sweet.” It is a voice lifted up in prayer and praise. Once weak and trembling through separation, now, the lovely voice of a faithful heart.